This 100-day challenge could add more zeroes to your HODLING

Get. Set. HODL. Just Rs 100 daily. For 100 days only.

It’s not about winning…

But creating a winning habit

Our 100-day challenge is not all about winning a prize but rather make you a smart and informed investor in the digital currency of the future. Cryptocurrency, Bitcoin and blockchain are the future. And it’s best you start today rather than tomorrow. So what are you waiting for,

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    If yes, please use the same email ID and phone number to submit your application for this challenge.

    If you aren't a registered member with Zebpay, you will need to do so in order to be able to participate.

    Rules and regulations

    1) Open only to Indian citizens
    2) Min Rs 100 invested every day in BTC for the next 100 days
    3) NO missed days allowed
    4) No selling of the invested amount during the challenge period.
    (If X invests Rs100 for 5 days and on the 6th day he invests Rs1000 and on the 7th day he deposits Rs100 and withdraws Rs 900, this will not disqualify him)
    ( If X invests Rs100 for 5 days and on the 6th day he invests Rs1000 and on the 7th day he deposits Rs100 and withdraws Rs 1000, this will disqualify him)
    (If X had previously invested Rs. 1000, begins the challenge, deposits Rs. 100 for 6 days, deposits Rs. 100 on the 7th day and withdraws Rs. 1000, this will not disqualify him)
    5) All trades need to be done on ZebPay only
    6) Pre registration is mandatory
    7) ZebPay’s discretion will apply to exemptions to investing due to platform / technical issues.
    8) Open to ZebPay employees’ family and friends as well.
    9) Weekly common updates will be available on the website, individual queries on the challenge will not be responded to.

    1) Random draw of all who complete the challenge – 100 NFTs
    2) Event merchandise for everyone who completes the challenge (only India) Display on website
    1) Competition details and registration form (Phone number and email address registered with Zebpay)
    2) Price tracker of BTC graph daily updated on website (link to Zebpay?) ( Daily closing price)
    3) Avg buy – in and current value of portfolio across this challenge individually
    4) Challenge Ticker (Day xxx of the challenge)
    5) Write up on the purpose of the challenge.
    6) FAQ’s

    1) List of registered participants (registered mob no & Email address)
    2) Once a week update: All trades carried out by registered participants, Net holding as on date